Monday, November 28, 2016

Frrom Credit Card to Car to Christmas to Consciences

Fiorella went out to the garage to go through the cars one more time before she called her credit card carrier to beg for her second duplicate this year, and while she was at it, she decided to wash the remains of several foul birds' lunches off her baby car from when she had visited with friend Paula at Dan's Hamburgers earlier in the week. The hose was kinked and the fire ants swarmed her like she was Goliath attacking the Israelites, but she prevailed except for a spot or two on the roof that she hopes will wear off in the next rain. While she was in the garage area, she decide she might as well pull those bags of tinsel rope off the Christmas storage shelves so she could drape the the silvery stuff along the driveway. Of course, this required her to move several panels of wood and fiberboard, but, heck--Fio lifts weights.

Back to the credit card. It never turned up, although Fiorella found a utility bill  and a Christmas catalog in the trash pile on the passenger seat of her car. She wrote out a check for the bill, but damned the catalog to deepest hell. It was a Hammecher Schlammeker--you know the one aimed at people with too much money and too little social conscience.

But, back to the credit card again, Fio swallowed her pride and called her carrier for another new card. It's on its way now, during which time Fiorella is sure the old card will turn up. That's the way the old ball bounces.

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