Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth x Three

In order to keep Austin son and daughter from having to trek out to Georgetown three times in one month, Fio and Husband proposed combining their BDs--his in late June and hers in mid-July--with the family Fourth of July celebration. Son, of course, brought his lovely wife with him, and Daughter brought her BF.  There was joy and laughter and a card and a gift and far too much good food. The hit of the show was Daughter's BF, who cooked the hamburgers to a chef's perfection. If he will attend, Fio will try to sneak in a second celebration when her real BD rolls around.
Fiorella did it again--came up with a clever, cheap, last-minute holiday decoration.  And all it took was a pair of scissors, Scotch tape, and colored paper, which Fio has mounds of.  First she cut a couple of pages of red paper and blue paper into strips about an inch wide. Then she cut a three pages of white paper into strips.  Next she taped the strips into a kindergarten chain--red-white-blue-white etc. Then she drooped the chain across the fireplace, draping the sides and taping the center of the chain upward to the middle of the mantel. Topping the upward center was a fan-type cockade she made by taping three leftover strips together horizontally. Took about twenty minutes in all.
Daughter gave Fio a DVD of My Big Fat Greek Wedding2 for Fourth of July/Fio's birthday so Husband ran it for her yesterday evening.  It's Fio's kind of movie--sweet, sentimental, and funny. She laughed and cried and made mewing noises at the happy ending. Try it--you'll like it.

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