Monday, February 8, 2016

Television, Art, and Fences

Fiorella woke up after a good night's sleep thinking that the new X-Files was ponderous, self-absorbed, and that its monster was ridiculous.  In contrast, Lucifer was light, clever, and its monster, the star. was charmingly naive and delightfully wicked.
Fio hasn't drawn anything for a while, and her hands are getting so antsy that this morning she sketched herself in the bathroom mirror.  Not bad--Fio, you've still got it
The property-line fence that Fio and neighbors Mike and Kathy have been talking about for years has finally been built. Fiorella recommended her yardman, Fernando, for the job, and neighbor Mike, who designed the fence, took over from there.  Good fences, good neighbors.

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