Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Fio awoke this this morning invigorated by a full night's sleep and planned her day as she lay drowsing in bed.  First, she'd take the dog--and herself--on a double walk around the drive.  then she'd read the newspaper and check out the internet.  Then she'd start in Phillipa's story again, which is going great guns since Fio backed it out of the blind alley she'd written herself into.

She walked down the stairs to a cold, sunny day, her favorite kind of weather, leashed Sonia dog, and started up the driveway.  But Sonia was more interested in investigating the premises than walking so Fiorella ushered her back in the house and called out to Husband to unleash her.

Fio's solo walk was great, but when she got back home, she learned the newspaper still hadn't been delivered, and looking, through the mail she'd picked up on her trek around the driveway, she learned that Chase Bank is STILL on their case about hazard insurance, of which Fio and Husband have several times submitted proof.

To top it off, Fio's laptop wouldn't fire up--and just when she had several clever ideas revolving in her head.

Fio is not as invigorated as she was when she woke up.  In fact, she's a grumpy-pants.