Thursday, November 5, 2015


Fiorella's standard restaurant tip is twenty percent, but she has been known to give a five dollar tip on a four-dollar dessert or a nine dollar meal--if the service was outstanding.  Yesterday evening's service wasn't.  The waitress brought Husband's and Minnesota Son's food to the table, then realized Fiorella's order had been filled incorrectly and took it back to the kitchen.  After she left, we noticed that one of the side orders had been left off both Son's plate and Husband's plate.  Then, when Fio finally got her plate, the salmon, although quite good, was barely warm.  Also, the waitress did not bring lemon slices.

In fact, the situation was such a mess that a manager came out, blamed the problem on the kitchen, and gave us key lime pies on the house.

But Fio doesn't think the kitchen had anything to do with the foul-up.  She thinks management was covering for the waitress so Fio wouldn't dock her tip.

But Fio did, to just below ten percent.  And that was generous.

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