Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fiorella and Husband hosted Austin Son and his wife for July Fourth yesterday.  After everyone had finished off the grilled sausage and the fireworks, Husband and Son drove over to the Verizon store to finish off the month-long travail involved with moving Son off the family account.  In the meantime, Fio and Daughter-in-Law stayed at the house to exchange life stories. D-in-L also fixed a couple of problems Fio has been having with her laptop.  Thus Fio's icons are all straightened out now, she's learned how to move a document onto her desktop, and her margins on Virgin Vampire are exactly as they should be.

Virgin Vampire, you say?  Fiorella, don't you know that the paranormal genre is dead, that everyone is writing contemporary novels now?

Yes, Fiorella knows. But she has the sort of nature that likes to go against the tide.  Why else was she writing contemporary novels when everyone else was writing paranormals?

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