Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Another Fad down the Pike

Years ago, a romance writer was always asked if she was a plotter or a pantser.  That is, did she plot out her stories or write them down as they came to her--by the seat of her pants.  The correct answer, Fio was informed, was "pantser."  Some years later,  being a pantser went out of style and "plotter" became the correct answer.

Now there's a new fad one has to answer to, a special technique--writing for wordage, sitting down at the computer and banging away until one reaches a certain word count. When talented, seasoned writers do it, the method works.  But, let's face it, they could write bestsellers while hanging upside down from the proverbial chandelier.

Fiorella tried the forced-word technique, but it left her with a literary mess so she's back to chapter-by-chapter and what-would-logically-happen-next.

Wish her well.

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