Monday, April 14, 2014

Assailed by Electronics

Hello--pant, pant.  Took Fio a while to get past all the Google-imposed passwords.  Husband spent about an hour yesterday working everything out, including establishing as new password for her, but it wouldn't work today and she had to manufacture another new one to get in. Fio is not happy with the electronic world.

Surely there is a way to make everything work better, but every ballyhooed "improvement" just seems to complicate matters.  With her old operating system, Fiorella could "save" and "print" with just one stroke after highlighting..  With her current system, she must go through "file" to get to "save," and sometimes she misses.  "Print" requires not only going through "file", but setting up the pages in a separate action, then hitting a "print" button. And as far as Fio can tell,there is no way to ask the system to find certain pages except to remember an odd word used on the page--no way to ask by page number.

Fiorella will be in the market for a new computer soon, but she doesn't need anything that can perform in Circus Soleil.  She needs a good, sold computer on which she can write poems, novels, and blogs, one on which she can communicate with friends, display her website, and  check out facts.

Wish her well.  These are trying times.

that she can write blogs osteamy novels on, that will remember her Christmas list,

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