Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fiorella's Life

Fiorella has her newly-refurbished laptop back, but Baby seems to be missing a few spare parts--like Fio's email address list and the tool bar across the top of the screen.  So much for computers making our lives easier.  In reality, they addict us, then DRIVE US CRAZY!
Fio attended a high school reunion over the weekend and stayed in one of the nicest hotel rooms she's ever experienced--big, clean, comfortable, fully equipped, not a chip or stain anywhere. And the hallway carpets were gorgeous.  Waco Hiltin, everyone.
Now that she's home, Fio has to gird her loins and set up an author website.  Actually Minnesota Son will be doing the work, but Fio has to give him guidance.  God have mercy on us both.
One thing Fio will admit is great about having Baby back is that it has Spellcheck on it, which, judging by the typos that crept into the blogs Fiorella wrote the past couple of days, the desktop lacks.

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