Thursday, November 8, 2012

Talk About the WSJ

Talk about wishful thinking--the headline in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal (which we didn't receive till today) read "Down to the Wire." The accompanying illustration showed Romney ahead of Obama in the popular vote, 50% to 48%, while the feature story was titled "Close Race Reflects Divided Nation."

Talk about egg on the face.  Talk about putting the paper (which wasn't delivered to Casa Fiorella till this morning) to bed way too early.  Pollsters had been predicting a solid Obama win from--what?--about 10:00 on?  Maybe the WSJ, like Karl Rove, didn't even believe the Fox News team when it conceded Obama had won the day.

We received Thursday's WSJ this morning too.  Talk about sour grapes.  The political story is about "How Race Slipped Away From Romney."  Get real, Wall Streeters--it didn't "slip" away.  It ran away.

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