Monday, October 12, 2009

Super Fiorella

Fiorella had her first full night of sleep in three days Saturday night and woke up Sunday morning at nine, full of vim, vigor, and vitality. She bounced around for a couple of hours doing all sorts of useful things, then headed off with Husband for a late lunch at Fish Daddy's. An hour after she was back home with a list in hand of other useful things to do, lights started flashing in front of her eyes--yes, the dreaded migraine aura.

The aura usually lasts about twenty boring minutes, then disappears, but not yesterday. All evening the headache played ping pong with the halved hydrocodones Fio doses herself with.

Fio woke up today feeling good again--despite dreaming last night that she had had a stroke and couldn't remember her name. She still has that list and is determined to cross off every item on it.

Whether she remembers her name or not, Fio is invincible.

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