Saturday, January 28, 2023

Fio's Day: Minor Irritation by Minor Irritation

EARLY MORNING, Fiorella had caught up with her whirly-gig life and was happy to include you in on the her latest adventures. She was sorting Christmas cards today--hoping, of course, that she'd also get in touch with old friends...and make some new ones in the process.

NOONTIME, Fio's plans began to sagging a little so she decided to look at the luscious salmon she'd bought at H-E-B yesterday. She would have to share it, of course, but there seemed to be enough for your girl to keep a good hunk of her own bounty, especially since no one else seemed to interested in it. 

So, as lunchtime approached, she stopped by to check on her lunchtime plans---and discovered that luscious salmon she'd bought in H-E-B yesterday had been cut up, packeted, and put in the freezer.

To make the best of a bad situation, Fiorella, who'd retrieved two of the packets and put them on the kitchen counter to thaw for her lunch had been made to return them back to the fridge. Apparently, those present were concerned that Fio didn't know what she was doing----even though she'd explained that she had cooked and eaten salmon regularly when she'd had her own home. Got all that?

The case will probably have to wait until D-law returns to the house, but Fiorella will stand her ground.  She bought the fish itself, and, while she'll probably need help working at the unfamiliar counter--SHE WON'T GIVE UP HER SALMON!!

(Strangely, this fish has sentimental attachments too--Fio's late husband, who loved fish both in a pond and for dinner, was the one who introduced your girl to both of its forms.)

Friday, January 27, 2023



Thursday, January 26, 2023

Wipe Ups......

 After a full day, Fio finally remembered why she kept thinking there was something else she was supposed to be doing--writing her blog!!!

The big deal today was that your girl's traveling nurse dropped by and checked Fio out on her pills. Nurse Carolyn has been on Fio's radar ever since your girl came back to Austin, and she knows every one of those pills by name. She's also a very nice person and knows how to laugh, which is very important to Fiorella.

Did your girl tell you that she now shares her double bed with a big, cuddly, black-and-white panda bear? She hasn't named him for certain, but he's definitely male, even though she refers to him as "Sonia Dog" every now and then. And if you're wondering, Fiorella bought her sweet, stuffed doggy at Walmart right after Christmas because she was feeling lonely and, even as a child, didn't like sleeping alone......

Did Fio tell you that she had made a really nice design on her front display window out of fallen oak leaves? But that when she Scotch-taped the most beautiful oak leaf of all to the front door as a "welcome" sign, it disappeared?

Son L has opened up an opportunity for Fiorella to be in a church choir again, but Fio is hesitant. Not only would she have to hitch a ride for rehearsals, but also, she's still having problems with her voice--honk, honk.

Continued tomorrow.....








Wednesday, January 25, 2023


 The truth of it is that the second after Fiorella graduated from the University of Texas as a PhD, she was offered a job in the Linguistics Department--and she refused it. Why? Because she was tired of learning and wanted to perform--not in the classroom, but it in real life. Besides--what had she been missing while she was burning all those midnight candles? 

The second truth is that there aren't many good jobs out there for bona-fide academics who have turned their backs on academia. So, after the house was bought and the kids were born, guess who re-entered the teaching ranks with her teeth gritted and her head bowed in humility. And guess who found out that her lofty instructors had been right--she was a born teacher--just like them....

Not that she could erase the years--Fio didn't even try to breach UT's golden gates, but slipped instead under the gates of smaller, more distant colleges, although she admits she couldn't help working upper-grade thinking into a couple of her assignments--which sometimes got her in trouble with uninformed overlords. But all in all, she prospered and was happy.

But now your girl is retired and has few people to talk with and no one to share her learning with--which would drive her crazy except for her slowly forming plans for the future. 

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and one way or another, Fiorella will survive and prosper.


Monday, January 23, 2023



Maybe Fiorella likes music and languages because they are vibrant activities....and likes art and linguistics because they are absorbed into silence.....

Every now and then when your girl is preparing for bed, she glances over at the painting on her bedside table and smiles at the two little girls who are holding hands as if forever. They were best friends and Fio never gave a thought to the idea that they might be separated, but then one day, Janny's family moved away and Fiorella was alone.... until she made a new best friend. Yet even now, she still remembers Janny Orcutt, and wonders where she is now.

Good news! Your girl found her lost glasses for the second time around--although it's not as important now because, as you remember, she's trying to score an appointment to get new glasses.

We have a new oven now, but Fio still doesn't have access to it for some reason or other, which puts her in a difficult situation because, assuming the slab of salmon she'd picked up at HEB would carry her along for a week meat-wise, she'd already tossed the remainder of the turkey left in her little fridge. Hello, hamburger drive-in.....

Fiorella had a great time getting reacquainted with friend Maria this afternoon at the community mailbox, then accepted a ride back to her house in Maria's car--where they sat for at least half an hour more exchanging retired teacher stories with each other.


Dirty, Dirty, Dirty.....Painful Memories

 Fiorella isn't feeling well today. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's something she ate, maybe it's the horrible dream she had last night about the time she ran for public office--which she will never do again even if her election was assured doubly over....

Politics are dirty--nothing is off the table, even in local politics, and Fio's opponent (let's call her XXX) was as dirty as they come. Nothing was out of bounds for her. Although she wasn't a church-goer,  XXX made a big production of joining Fiorella's church half-way through the campaign. She also hired a teenager to pretend to want to help Fio put up campaign signs, then toss them in the dump when your girl's back was turned. A couple more of XXX's little tricks were (1) to move some of Fio's garbage into neighbors' cans up the street so it looked like your girl wasn't paying her due,  (2) telling parents whose children had special needs that your girl was against programs for their children when one of Fiorella's  own children had needed special help at one time and (3) persuading Fio's neighbor across the street to vote for XXX because one of her church mates who was supposedly dying made her promise to do so.

As you can tell, Fiorella still feels the sting. Never will she understand why people have to bite other people, but maybe that's the way of the world and Fio is their daily treat. 

Sunday, January 22, 2023


 MORNING: Yes, Fiorella has tears running down her cheek like raindrops, but they're tears of joy--Daughter couldn't get over to see Fiorella so she sent the next best thing--a pack of TWELVE YELLOW TABLETS! (Only the offspring of a writer would understand....💗 )

MID-DAY:  This has been a surprisingly nice day so far, but it's also been rather boring--so your girl decided to look for her lost eye glasses.  Nothing to do but grab the giant flashlight she'd bought from Walmart a couple of months ago for such events, sink down onto her knees, and snake herself between her bedstead and the surrounding inner wall, after which--just when she was about to throw in the towel (literally)--she finally spotted the outline of her delinquent spectacles. A few more inches of bone-breaking stretching and the  glasses were in her hand--but then Fiorella had to ooch her one way back out of the narrow passage and stand herself up by grasping at the bedposts.

6:00: The first thing that Fio is going to do when she wakes up tomorrow is try to get herself an appointment with an optometrist--not because her current glasses hid themselves in the dust under her bed when she was trying to find them, but because they are more than five years old and never did fit her quite right. Also because time has marched on, and there may have been some wonderful advances in the trade that would benefit her. 

6:45: RATS! That big flashlight that Fiorella paid about ninety dollars for in Walmart--the one she'd used to find her eye glasses--has been pronounced DEAD ON THE SPOT! Son L said it was either a water leak or acid, but your girl kept the flashlight in the house and certainly never tried to wash it or expose it to acid or her tears. GRRRRRRRR! 

Wonder what tomorrow will be like....