Sunday, June 26, 2022

Worse and Worse

 Yes, Fiorella is still  alive--sort of. The hospital that she has been staying in  has had a Covid scare so every nitch and cranny is being wiped over and son can't visit her.  Your girl  is alone, alone, alone. More fun.

Hoping for the best,

Monday, June 20, 2022

Don't Ever Let Your Leg Get Injured!

Remember how happy your girl was about getting her left leg repaired? Well, it turned out that the situation was a lot more complicated that the doctor had expected and Fio ended up with a foot-long scar down a leg so swollen that it looked like a bowling ball, one she couldn't lift, no matter how hard she tried.

Son arranged for her to go a xxxxxx, and Fio is making some progress now. despite herself. Today is the best day so far--she's even been able to to go up and down a ramp in wheel chair. Wish her well.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

A Bit Scared


Fiorella will probably be off line for a day or two this week--she's getting her gimpy left knee replaced. 

Hopefully, the hospital will have some kind of computer hook-up so its patients won't start climbing the walls, but your girl might be so doped up that she won't be able to use it.

On the other hand, if the hospital does have a hook-up and Fio can hold herself upright, she might be able work on that new romance she's been plotting on and off. Or maybe she'll grab a German book as she goes out the door to entertain and engage her.  

Whatever--she just hopes that when she gets back home, her knee will be in better condition than it is now.

Pleas wish Fiorella well....


Fiorella's Life in Threes

 Another day, another dollar, another visit to the hospital to prepare Fio for the knee surgery on Thursday. In the meantime, she's tidying up her room, practicing voice and piano, and trying to get hold of a med she's running low on. 

She's also wondering when her new friend will appear and if they will take to each other. Hey, what if she's someone your girl has known in the past? WHOOPEE! 

Actually, Fio is bored to pieces right now, especially since she's already seen all the political shows--and  they keep repeating themselves. Fiorella already knows Trump is a bad, bad person--actually, a killer by proxy--and, angry as she is, she wants him to swing for it!

Fiorella's big--and WONDERFUL--surprise for the day was a cross-continent phone call from Friend Suzy. Yep, it's her friends that keep her going. Keep it up!

Has Fio told you that a big, beautiful Persion cat has been visiting her bedroom?  Yep, it seems to like the way your friend strokes its back and scratches behind its ears.





Monday, June 13, 2022

Reports and an Announcement!

 Your girl had not only a good day but a GREAT day. The "good" is because she made contact with someone who can hook her up with a German teacher, and the "GREAT" is because it looks like she will soon have that friend she's been longing for. (And before you ask, yes---they've both been recommended by reputable sources.)

Don't tell anybody because Fiorella isn't sure of it right now, but she thinks her carpal tunnel is, at last, on its way out, which reopens prospects for her on the piano. In the same category, she's been working more on her singing voice, which seems to get better every day. (There's no way it could have gotten worse!)

Like everyone else, your girl has also had her eyes and ears tuned to what might be called the "Trump Hearings." What a horrible person that man is. Fio's theory is that Putin seduced him early on so there'd be minimal outrage when Russia finally attacked the Utraine for real.

 About that upcoming surgery, Fiorella got some kind of shot yesterday at the hospital and will get another one today. The operation will be the next day, and Fio wouldn't mind if you sent up a few prayers for her. It would be nice if you prayed for her daughter too--WHO IS GOING TO HAVE A BABY SOONER RATHER THAN LATER!😊😊😊💗💗💗😋😋😋

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Back on Track and Movin' On

 Fio watched a spell-binding TV show last night in which a handsome young vampire won out over a gross older vampire who, with his last words, told the hero that he (the villain) was his (the hero's) father. Sound familiar? Hello, Darth Vader .....

As you know, Fiorella is trying to pull herself together, she's happy to tell you that she's moving right along on the physical front, with only her knee and her nasal congestion to go, but not doing as well as she'd like on the psychological and personal front. She still doesn't have any local new friends so Son L has helped her get in touch with a program that hopefully will give her some solace.

In the meantime, your girl is preparing for the knee surgery on Thursday by dodging in and out of the local hospital to get Lovenox shots. Neither she nor Son L can puncture skin so Fio has hire faithful Chariot to transport her. 

Like everyone else in the country, Fiorella has been glued to the TV screen for the last couple of days. Apparently, Trump was trying to slither over from president to dictator and even his daughter tried to dissuade him--or so she says with wide-eyed innocence.

Getting back to Darth Vader et al, your girl is mulling around the idea of writing her own version of the hero/villain relationship plot. Hmmmmmm.........

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Bad Day

 This has been a bad, bad day

And Fio has nothing else to say

But wonders why, when worse goes to worse,

She's driven to express herself in verse