Monday, September 20, 2021

A Lot To Say Today!

 How did we get to September twentieth so quickly? Did someone push the clock forward when Fio wasn't looking? Well, whatever, she's moving onward with her self-assigned projects--pulling Lolly together (literature), catching up on Spanish and any other language that spouts out of her mouth (language), and mulling over designs for this year's Christmas card (art). The music side of her will have to wait until the piano arrives.

The kennel that Sonia Dog was boarded in while Fio herself was being kenneled by her daughter-in-law's family in the aftermath of the storm (THANK YOU 💗) burned to the ground last night with 75 dogs in it. Not a one survived and your girl hurts for the dogs and for their owners.

Fiorella got a frightening notification from the medical scorekeepers that her major credit card wouldn't honor her charge, which drove her into a frenzy running all over the house to find her other card which, it turned out, was in her little red purse under the seat of Son L's car from when he and your girl had made a hamburger run last night. The sawbones will have to wait till tomorrow.

Dang, Fio is spending way too much time trying to tie together all of Lolly's chapters because she had mislabeled some of them and they'd been written and packaged at different times. GRRRRR!

Speaking of Christmas cards, Fiorella is going to say this so she won't forget it when Christmas comes around: she's going to try to find a copy of every kind of holiday card that she's made through the years and make a circle around the wall that she's put Husband's childhood and adult pictures on.








Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Morning, Y A W N!

 This is getting ridiculous--Cap One has just sent Fiorella another billing by way of gmail! What's going on? Why isn't Fio getting her bills by mail? Has Louis deJoy located and marked her for financial destruction?

Your girl has gathered all her Lolly chapters together and labeled them so now she has to make sure they coordinate. Then she has to appeal to her writer friends to teach her how to deal with the new way of selling books, i.e., on line.

Whoopee! One of Fiorella's (former) Ohio relatives and his wife (both masked) visited today, and Son L and Fiorella sat out on the porch out back with them for a precious hour and shared our lives. Wish we lived closer. All of the family used to get together every year or so, but Covid sort of killed that off.

Fio showed off her studio to her relatives yesterday--which made her realize there's a lot more she has to do with it. She also realized that, inadvertently, she'd arranged all the photos and newspaper clippings that she'd  put up on the south inside wall by person and family. Wow!

Your girl needs to hire a handyman (1) to make her sea-shell-androck display trough, (2) to rearrange her closet and add lights to the dark corners, (3) to shave off enough of the woodwork along the bottom side of the room that she can slide her beautiful black chest into position. Any takers?





Friday, September 17, 2021

An Adventure with Fiorella

 If there is one thing you can count on Fiorella for (and I hope there are a lot more things), it's that she will always pays her bills on time, which is why she was shocked to get a gmail message that she was overdue. Someone must have been a mistake, she reasoned, or, maybe worse, someone had stolen her card. 

Nothing to do but do a quick check for untouched mail on her desk, then look through her purse and her cardcase, and then, quivering with fear, call the card company. Yes, Fio was overdue, and yes, the woman on the other end of the line would tell her what her purchases had been (and, thank goodness, Fio recognized all of them,), and all your girl had to do to set everything to rights was send in a check.

With trembling fingers, Fiorella wrote out the check, entered the amount in her accounts book, addressed an envelope, pasted on a stamp, and hurried off down he street to the community post box.

And all the way back to the house, she wondered how long it would take for the payment to get to the credit company with Louis deJoy still in charge.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Sixteenth by the Skin of My Teeth!

 How in the world did Fio almost fall behind again? Her days are moving along way too fast. Right now, she's lining up her multiple "Lolly" stories to start putting them together because she didn't get that done earlier in the day because a hospital lady came along to test her out about her recovery from bad times she's gone through. After a few questions, Fiorella asked the woman to leave--your girl needs to work on recovery, not remembrance.

To calm her down, Son L put your girl in the car and drove her around a while, then stopped at a store so  she could pick up pens and Dry Erase Markers, then bought her a hamburger, then headed home down Old San Antonio Road--with Fio humming a few words of the song every now and then. Aaaaah....

Fiorella should have added that while she and Son rode around, they talked about old times and people they used to know. Wondered where they are now. Hmm...wonder if they wonder about where we are now.

SHORT CUT ONE: Mommy has lost that cute little bottle that holds Sonia's pain meds. 

SHORT CUT TWO: Mommy is getting tired of all the British shows on TV. Aren't there any born in the USA? 









Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Beware--Your Girl Is Not Happy!

 According to British TV, every adult in England--except maybe Miss Marple--is having an affair, or at least a one-nighter. Hmm...Fiorella must get in contact with her British friend to check this out.

Fiorella was blessed by the visit of yet another nurse this morning, and there's going to be one tomorrow morning too--HURRAH! The more people your girl can practice talking with, the less anxiety/panic she has and the easier it is for her to speak. 

Fio is hoping, hoping, hoping that she can start painting again, but first she has to get hold of her old paints and brushes--or maybe buy some new ones. In the meantime, she will force herself to put Lolly together in one piece and work on a jigsaw puzzle she will never finish. Wish her well.

Surprise, surprise---Fiorella may not need the cumadin she's been gulping down for the last umpteen years. The local doctors are trying to figure out what they were prescribed for in the first place, and your girl can't help them. It was a l-o-n-g time ago and those little pink pills have just become a part of her breakfast ritual.

ANGER! A while back, Fio bought a box of staples, a must-be in her childhood home, and now she can't find them, which makes her VERY angry. She had decided to dig out the many versions of her fourteen chapters of Lolly and start piecing them together today, but without staples, she couldn't even get the pages laid out on the floor! WHYYYY? All she can do is stare at the wall with her teeth bared. GRRRRRRRR!



Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Many Moods of FIORELLA

 Sorry that Fiorella got so morose yesterday, but that's life, and she's had her ups and downs. Let's hope today will be better. Your girl would love to have a golden carriage or two, but will settle for good health and continuing recovery. How wonderful if she could catch up on her espanol, her newest language, but at least be able to relearn the basic basics of the others.

No, Fio did not work on Lolly today. She's finally found all the parts, but now she has to tie them together without ripping the story line apart again, and again, and again.... EVERYTHING DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT THE FIRST TIME AROUND, FIORELLA.

What your girl doesn't like about getting older is that she keeps dragging all the dumb things she's ever said or done across her brain again and again.

Fiorella may give up on her jigsaw puzzle...or maybe she'll just limit her next one to 100 pieces.

Three hours later: Admit it, girl friend--you've been fooling around all afternoon so you don't have to work on Lolly because you're so accustomed to getting nowhere with her before, but this time PICK THOSE PAGES UP AND GET TO WRITING!



Monday, September 13, 2021

Bad Time Sonnet

 Fiorella found this sonnet as she was going through old papers.

Hope is a snake that curls within my breast

A sharp-tongued viper aimed against my heart

A blood-cold serpent, most unwelcome guest

That strikes from time to time when I'm off guard--

Hope is Scaramouche, a clever fool,

A honeyed braggart, slick, a worthless flirt,

A quack deceiver, lord of ridicule,

Who gulls my brain when I am not alert--

Hope is a misshaped branch, a crooked tree,

Which grows unbidden in my dismal yard,

The soft, sweet fruit of which will poison me

If I ignore its proven ill regard--

     But do not slay it--let the villain be--

     For murder hope, and murder all of me